Asfalis Advisors is recognized as a national woman-owned and minority certified business specializing in crisis management, business continuity and resiliency.


Is your business community prepared?


The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified business challenges, illuminating both known and unknown weaknesses in businesses. In the midst of COVID-19 - and civil unrest - small and medium size businesses are crumbling. Local businesses are faced with two major crisis incidents at the same time. Is your business community prepared?



Small and Mid-size Business Crisis Management Training Due to COVID-19

  • Business owner preparedness directly impacts the economic viability of our local communities.
  • In the midst of COVID-19, businesses reliance on stimulus funds and grants are unsustainable.
  • Your local business community needs training, education, and support in how to think, act, and lead in crises. 


Asfalis helps local businesses recover from the pandemic, and quickly help municipalities return to operations for economic stability. 

Asfalis resilience COVID19 training

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